Felicia Peters is a multi-talented individual and can therefore meet almost any entertainment needs in her field. Whether you are looking for a studio singer, live band, solo artist, song writer, performance trainer (for adults and children), vocal coach, moderator (english or german), casting judge, or an all around entertainment planner she can and will do the job efficiently and professionally. Just contact her via email with your particular needs and they will be met. If she can´t do it herself, she will definitely find someone to refer you to!  






Please keep in mind that my entire mission is SAVE THE INNOCENCE with these young artists, so if you are expecting some groundbreaking Beyonce style power and performances you might be disappointed, and that is very much your right. I am not trying to prove that I have stars among me, but to give these young growing talented individuals some support along the way, encouraging them to grow in the direction they choose to, and not what is expected of them. So, watch this video from Fridaous Sebou and Geronimo Still and keep in mind that it is a work in progress...and hopefully an inspiration to all young people who aspire to first figure out where they want to go with their talent before they recieve the stamp! But until then, let´s I will continue on my mission to SAVE THE INNOCENCE!! THANKS FOR WATCHING AND ENJOY!!!

Fridaous Sebou feat. Geronimo Still,    "STAY WITH ME"


Kärwa, Unterhaid

Felicia Peters sings,  the hits! From Tracy Chapmann, Maroon 5, Otis Redding, Sam Cooke, Journey, Sade uwm. im Gastätte Gambrinus, Hauptstrasse 76 Oberhaid. Do. 1.9, 18 Uhr und Mo. 5.9 20 Uhr ..Eintritt Frei!!!

Tag der offenen tür Stadttheather Amberg,


Sa. 11.9 14-17 Uhr


CDs & booking here: felicia.peters@gmx.de